Dear Mark,

I want to start by thanking you and your boys for helping us carry out a flue on one of our boiler installs.

The job didn’t quite go to plan as we originally wanted to put the boiler in the loft but you quickly advised us and our customer that it could potentially lead to many more problems in the near future with the current roof not being installed totally correct.

I swiftly pasted this information onto my client where we discussed a different location for the boiler, the new location would mean I would need to walk across 4 glass panels on top of a conservatory, I thought this was not going to happen without ending up on their front room floor but no, Associates Roofing came up with a plan to save the day allowing us to complete the job efficiently with no problems. Your 2 lads on site were efficient and respectful and we will most definitely continue to work with yourself in the future.

Thanks again for your help.

- Charlie - Heroes On Hand - September 12, 2023